The 5 champions with the lowest win rates in League of Legends

Promise not to leave your match if you get one of these champions on your team.

Keeping up with the metagame is a must if you’re looking to climb up the League of Legends ranked ladder. Each balance patch can shift the champion power rankings and some characters may fall behind the rest of the competition. While it’s still possible to master them and carry your team, you’ll spend far more effort trying to get to the top.

Knowing the worst-performing champions in League can be a double-edged sword. You’ll likely build a better champion pool by avoiding the underperformers, but it may also cause you to tilt when someone on your team picks them.

While Riot Games doesn’t share the win rates of champions, websites like OP.GG use the data from solo queue matches played at different rank tiers to find out the average win rates of all champions. The champs with the lowest win rates don’t always stay at the bottom of the pack, however. A couple of balance patches can fix their shortcomings, and they may suddenly find themselves toward the top end of the win rate charts.

While the following champions have been behind the competition in terms of win rates recently, that doesn’t mean they should be avoided at all costs.

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Pros still find ways to implement champions like these into their lineups and players who master them may make up for their shortcomings with their experience. These champions often have an enormous skill ceiling, and lower-ranked players might just fail to unleash their full potential.

Here are some of the champions with the lowest win rates in the past month, according to OP.GG.

K’Sante – Win rate during the last month: 43.49 percent

K'Sante holding his weapons and getting ready for a battle.
While one of the best in good hands, K’Sante struggles in terms of win rate globally. Image via Riot Games

K’Sante has been sitting on that list since he was introduced to League, and it’s honestly not surprising at all. The top laner has a high entry threshold and requires a ton of knowledge about the position. In most cases, skilled K’Sante players will be able to hold their own against every champion, but, it’s mandatory you have vast game knowledge, especially when it comes to top lane, ganks, and late game teamfights.

Nevertheless, K’Sante is one of the pro players’ favorite picks, so if well worth putting in the time to master him.

Yuumi — Win rate during the last month: 45.47 percent

Yuumi's official art. She rests on top of her magical book.
Yuumi requires proper communication, which is hard to come across in solo queue. Image via Riot Games

Yuumi’s case is similar to K’Sante’s. While she received a rework in Patch 13.5, which was intended to lower her pick rate in pro play, it didn’t fully work as planned. She’s still immensely popular among pro players, while average ones are struggling to get the best of her in the solo queue. Still, in Yuumi’s defense, she requires really smooth communication since she relies on her teammates’ skills and positioning. So, often times when you’re playing Yuumi on your own and encounter toxic or not communicative teammates, you’ll likely lose. We’ve been there numerous times.

Zeri — Win rate during the last month: 46.67 percent

Zeri loads up and prepares for the attack in Zaun's laboratories.
When it comes to mechanically-demanding champions, Zeri must be mentioned. Image via Riot Games

Zeri is another champion that’s almost impossible to balance. It feels like developers have tried to tweak her with every patch since her January 2022 release, and yet, nothing has worked perfectly so far. In each case, she’s either unplayable or too overpowered.

When it comes to pure win rate in solo queue, Zeri’s horrendous 46.67 percent in the last month is more than natural. She’s probably an AD carry with the highest skill ceiling in the game. To play Zeri a player must perfect their mechanics and positioning, and everyone who played League knows average players struggle in these aspects.

Gragas — Win rate during the last month: 46.77 percent

Gragas reaches for an enemy in League of Legends
There isn’t much mystery to it—Gragas is just in a horrible spot currently, Image via Riot Games

While the previous three champions on the list needed players to be skilled in League, Gragas is just straight out a bad champion in the current meta. He has a lot of great tools, including poke from Q, gap closer from E, and great crowd control ability in the form of ultimate. But, these are not enough to make Gragas a stellar pick in any of the roles he’s viable in.

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Gragas can be picked for almost every role, except for AD carry. Yet, in the current state, he just needs a slight buff to some of his abilities, since he’s outscaled by some champions in every position as of now.

Kalista — Win rate during the last month: 46.84 percent

Kalista holding her spears.
Kalista also requires mechanical prowess. Image via Riot Games

We mentioned that Zeri is one of the toughest-to-learn AD carries. Well, Kalista is also high on that list. Her auto attack and move mechanic is one of the best and most useful in the game, but if you don’t have high awareness, mechanical skills, and an idea of how to position yourself, you’ll likely be doomed.

Kalista relies on her auto attacks. So, naturally, players need to be skilled in these three areas in order to properly play the champion. If they don’t, they are likely to get bullied in the early game and snowballed into oblivion.


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