Tyler1 hits League’s Master rank one and a half weeks into his support-only challenge

Is support Tyler1's true calling?

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

In just one and a half weeks, popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has already reached the Master rank on his support-only account, COOKIEMONSTER123.

Primarily known for his Draven play, Tyler1 is also known for his single role unranked to Challenger series. He’s previously reached the Challenger rank as an ADC, top laner, mid laner, and jungler, leaving just support as the final role to conquer. And in record time, he’s already gotten near his goal of Challenger by getting to Master in under two weeks.

Tyler1 has played 135 ranked games on his COOKIEMONSTER123 account so far this season, according to OP.gg. Right now, he boasts a 56-percent win rate on Nautilus. The Titan of the Depths is also his most-played champion right now with 25 games played. Karma, Rakan, and Pyke are picks the League streamer has grown fond of too, the latter of which he boasts a 71-percent win rate on in 14 games.

Many fans have praised Tyler1’s abilities to climb up the solo queue ranked ladder as a support, with some even believing his strongest qualities as a player fit the support role better.

“Tyler’s strongest attribute is macro, and as support is the only thing he really needs,” Reddit user LardHop said.

In his recurring quest to solo run every position to Challenger, Tyler1 may have found the role that suits him best. Who knows, maybe by next week, the challenge will already be over if he continues at this fast pace. Nonetheless, Tyler1 will look to continue his ascent up the ranked solo queue ladder later today at 3pm CT and can be regularly watched on his Twitch channel at this time from Monday to Friday.

League kickstarted its 12th season on Jan. 7. While an end date is yet to be announced, it’ll likely conclude around November, similar to past seasons. For now, League players can stay up to date with the latest Patch 12.2 notes.