Tyler1 achieves Challenger rank in League of Legends playing only top

He claims mid will be next.

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 successfully achieved his goal of reaching Challenger following a nail-biting final victory after eight months.

The streamer achieved his final victory playing Urgot in a close game where his team was able to string together a pair of kills, then infiltrated the enemy base and took out the Nexus at around 40 minutes.

After the victory, Tyler1 gained 17 LP, taking his total in Grandmaster to 645. This should place him within the top 300 ranked players in North America when the rankings update in just a few hours. 

Tyler1’s effort to reach Challenger playing top isn’t new to season 11. During the final days of season 10, the streamer held a marathon attempt at reaching the rank before the end of the season but fell short.

During season 10, Tyler1 achieved Challenger playing only jungle for the first time, a feat which he claims took around six months, with two months playing off stream. Previously, he reached Challenger rank in the role that he’s most well known for, playing ADC.

After gloating in his victory, Tyler shared with his chat that his plan is to reach the rank playing only mid lane next. 

Tyler has now achieved the highest rank by playing three of the five lanes in League. With mid and support left, it seems like only a matter of time until the streamer completes this momentous task in all roles on the Rift.

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