Tyler1 holds marathon stream attempting to reach Challenger on top lane account before end of League season 10

Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

Screengrab via twitch.tv/loltyler1

One of Twitch’s most popular League of Legends streamers, Tyler1, pushed through a marathon stream of over 30 hours yesterday to attempt the climb from Diamond rank to Challenger on his top lane account before the end of season 10.

What looked like an unrealistic goal slowly became much more possible after Tyler strung together a massive win streak, climbing through the Diamond tiers and reaching the Masters division.

At this point, Tyler’s record for the day was 21-3. He looked to translate this momentum into a spot in the higher ranks of the Masters division on his top lane account.

Once he reached Grandmaster, though, Tyler seemingly hit a wall. The streamer went on a losing streak that saw him descend back down the rankings, first to Masters and then to Diamond in the final hours of the season.

At this point, it looked like there was little hope of the streamer finishing the season in Challenger on this top lane account as he had hoped. Ultimately, Tyler ended the season on this account back where he began in the Diamond division at tier two.

In season 10, Tyler was able to achieve the Challenger rank on another account playing only the jungle role.

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