Tyler1 reaches Challenger rank in League of Legends playing only mid

He may be unstoppable.

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

The man, the myth, the legend. Tyler1 has done it again and earned Challenger in yet another League of Legends role, this time in the mid lane.

After just a few short months of trying, the streamer has climbed his way from scratch to reach the highest rank in the game by only playing mid lane—and he claimed it was easy.

It was only in June that the streamer had completed his last challenge of reaching Challenger while playing top lane. And now, there’s only one role left for Tyler to complete. It took the streamer from July 12 to Sept. 22 to reach Challenger playing mid.

In the past, Tyler has achieved Challenger status playing ADC, jungle, top, and now mid, with just support to tackle next. With the momentum he’s been gathering and the speed at which he was able to complete his mid lane goal, it wouldn’t be unrealistic for him to complete the fifth and final role during this season. That said, he shared that he’ll probably wait until next season to tackle it.

To celebrate his achievement, Tyler proposed an idea to Riot and Twitch to put his image as the category banner in League for a day. He backed up this request by listing his accolades and pronouncing himself the “Face of League of Legends.”

There’s no doubt that Tyler is an extremely skilled League player and his goal of collecting Challenger ranks like Infinity Stones is proof of that. With only one more role to go, it’s unclear what Tyler will set his sights on once the Challenger challenge has been completed.