TSM owner Reginald confirms Spica, Huni will play for team in 2022 LCS season

TSM fans are finally able to find stability in the midst of a difficult League offseason.

Photo by Tina Jo for ESPAT via Riot Games

After news broke yesterday that longtime TSM mid laner and League of Legends head coach Bjergsen is leaving the organization, the organization’s owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh answered fans’ questions today surrounding the future of the team.

Reginald confirmed on the TSM subreddit that top laner Huni and jungler Spica will be returning to the team’s roster for the 2022 pro League season. 

“Spica/Huni will be playing for us next year,” Reginald said. “We will not be looking to sell or trade his contract.”

TSM confirmed earlier today that support SwordArt is departing the team. And earlier this month, the org’s current mid laner PowerOfEvil announced he’d be exploring options elsewhere. 

This season, TSM came within one game of securing a trip to the League World Championship but ultimately fell short of the tournament. TSM’s 2021 roster sported five individual players who had never played with each other before coming into the season. 

As for Huni and Spica, the duo will have another chance to develop chemistry on the LCS stage next season. Spica captured the 2021 LCS MVP award while Huni earned third-team All-Pro honors during this year’s Summer Split. Huni and Spica are both signed through the 2022 season, while the team’s AD carry, Lost, is signed through 2023.

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