TSM mid laner PowerOfEvil is ‘exploring options’ in EU, NA ahead of 2022 pro League season

PowerOfEvil also announced that he'll be available to Western teams without a buyout.

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

TSM’s League of Legends team is already feeling the effects of the LCS offseason. Mid laner PowerOfEvil is “exploring options for 2022,” though he’s “still in discussions with TSM,” according to a post made on his personal Twitter account today.

PowerOfEvil also mentioned that his contract is up for grabs without a buyout clause and that organizations in both North America and Europe are of interest to him. PowerOfEvil is under contract with TSM through the 2022 professional League season, according to Riot Games’ global contract database.

PowerOfEvil’s position as TSM’s starting mid laner came into question earlier this year when Upcomer reported that the team’s one-time franchise player, partial team owner, and current head coach Bjergsen is looking to return to the pro League stage as a player. It’s unclear whether those reports have had a direct effect on contract negotiations between TSM and PowerOfEvil.

Since the start of his professional career in 2014, PowerOfEvil has never played for a team for more than one season. Across those seven years, PowerOfEvil has played for three teams in Europe and four in North America. He’s played in the LCS since the start of the 2018 season. 

It’s undisclosed whether PowerOfEvil is allowed to opt out of his contract with TSM before the second and final year of his deal begins or if TSM is in a position to terminate the contract prematurely. TSM has not made any announcements regarding PowerOfEvil’s future or what move its League team’s front office intends to make regarding the mid lane position in 2022.

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