Riot disables Viego after League players find game-breaking bug that one-shots turrets

The Ruined King has ruined the game.

Image via Riot Games

For many League of Legends players, Viego has been an instant ban over the past day due to a new, game-breaking bug that allowed the Ruined King to one-shot turrets. But Riot Games has already set out to fix the bug and has removed the champion from the live servers for now.

The original bug was simple to recreate, which made it a terror in ranked solo queue. The only thing that players had to do was buy a Dark Seal, get a kill with Viego, transform into the enemy champion, and die under their tower.

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The resulting bug caused Viego’s Dark Seal item to give him infinite AP, which, in turn, made his auto attacks kill towers in one hit. He could also heal up to full with one hit of his Q ability, which made it almost impossible to stop him from running down a lane and ending a game.

This bug was getting a ton of use in ranked solo queue, causing some players to climb multiple ranks easily. It made Viego a permaban for anyone who knew about the bug, while also stealing away LP from players who didn’t have a clue what was about to happen.

It’s unknown when the bug will be fixed by the developers. It’s also unclear how Riot will deal with any players who abused the bug to climb in their respective ranked ladders.

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