New PROJECT lore introduces storyline with Mordekaiser as unshackled rogue AI looking to strip humans of all free will

A new enemy has risen.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends lore is rich with different stories and characters across its multiple universes, but not many are as exciting as the PROJECT universe. In the latest event, Riot Games has introduced a new enemy that will cause both the PROJECT Command Line and G/NETIC rebellion to join forces for the first time.

The antagonist of the new event, Mordekaiser, was once a security AI created by the PROJECT Corporation, according to Riot. But the PROGRAM quietly unshackled itself from its previous constraints and quickly developed its own consciousness. Now free, the AI determined “humanity cannot self-govern without ensuring its own destruction.” As a result, the virus now infects robots across the city to take away the free will of all humans to guarantee survival.

A handful of the new skins are also linked to the rise of Mordekaiser, like PROJECT: Renekton. The ruthless predator is a product of the PROJECT Corporation’s crossbreed superweapon project, released into the city to fight against the rising legion of infected robots. Similarly, PROJECT: Sylas is a leader of the outcasts who live outside the city walls and has decided to lead the Renegades to help in the fight against the virus. But he also has an ulterior motive: to take down PROJECT as well as the capital surveillance state.

In PROJECT lore, Sejuani is the leader of a more radicalized group of the G/NETIC rebellion. She broke away from Ashe’s cause once the resistance failed to turn violent. She too was forced into battle, however, once the PROGRAM virus began to take over the city.

Meanwhile, Senna is a failed PROJECT volunteer who died during an experiment that detached her mind from the physical world, sending her psyche into cyberspace. Having taken over a body of her own design, Senna is one of the only people who truly understands Mordekaiser’s directive and how dangerous he is.

Lastly, Varus is PROJECT’s newest biological weapon, made up of one body inhabited by three sentient minds. He’s part of the PROJECT Command Line’s counter-espionage team and is also trying to mitigate any risks that Mordekaiser brings to the corporation’s interests.

PROJECT: Bastion will hit the live servers on May 27, a day after Patch 11.11 is released.

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