LEC 2020 Spring Split finals peaked at over 813,000 viewers

G2 with the clean 3-0 sweep over Fnatic.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2020 LEC Spring Split finals between G2 Esports and Fnatic brought a lot of hype to the League of Legends community, reaching over 813,000 viewers at its peak viewership during the three-game series.

After MAD Lions knocked G2 into the lower-tier bracket of the new playoff format, G2 looked to come back to the upper bracket and regain another shot at winning the championship. After winning against Origen in the lower bracket, G2 swept the rookies who sent them to the lower bracket and returned to face Fnatic.

The fierce match topped 813,000 viewers at its peak viewership, according to Esports Charts data. The series fell just short of the LEC’s 2019 Summer Split finals, which peaked at over 820,000 viewers and crowned Europe as the most-watched league of all major League of Legends regions last season.

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With this win, G2 have tied with Fnatic for seven LEC championship wins—except G2 accomplished the feat in a much shorter span of time. After G2 acquired Caps from the Fnatic squad, the Kings of Europe started beating their rivals in the playoff finals.

This year the LEC broke records with both veteran and rookie teams reeling in views for hyped-up matchups. If this trend continues then LEC’s Summer Split could surpass the viewership numbers from today’s series.

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