#HTLP 3 – Challenger Scene feat. James”Lattman”Lattman

Podcast about the current amateur and proffesional leagues in the esports titles League of Legends and Counter Strike. With guest Lattman

Welcome to another edition of the Hold The Lane Podcast on this episode I discuss with my two co-hosts Jacob “Brayll” Wolf and Colin “Cd_Mangaka” Nimer about the current state of the amateur scene in League of Legends and other Esports titles. As a special guest we invited to this episode ex-LCS Sub for Team Dragon Knights James “Lattman” Lattman.

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Timestamps :

00:00 Timestamps
02:30 Riot’s challenger System
11:30 Thoughts on separate Leagues
17:00 Viewership for challenger leagues
21:30 Challenger teams on the ladder
25:20 Why do we need a better system for the challenger scene ?
39:00 Comparision with other games
58:00 optimal league for the scene
1:09:00 Shoutouts