How to appear offline in League of Legends

This is great since I don't want anyone to know I play League.

Image via Riot Games

There’s nothing wrong with appearing offline in any game setting. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to play a game with friends and you want to do a little grinding by yourself without someone guilting you into queueing up with them.

An “appear offline” feature has been built into a handful of popular platforms, including Steam, Discord,, and others. Unfortunately for fans of Riot Games, it’s not officially included in the clients for either League of Legends or VALORANT.

For those looking to hit the Rift without their friends finding out, there are a few workaround options that might work.

Deceive your friends with the Deceive program

An outside program you can download from Github titled Deceive seems to be the best option for appearing offline. The program essentially filters your “global presence,” which means you can still chat during games, but you won’t appear to be online. You can still see your friends list too, so if you’re trying to avoid a certain player in particular, you can invite others to your lobby.

To install, head to the Deceive page on Github and download the latest version from the Releases section. Download the Deceive.exe file and make sure your League client and Riot client are closed when you open it.

When League opens, you will see a new category on your Social column called Deceive, with a single friend there named “Deceive Active!” This is simply an indicator that the Deceive program is on and active. If you want to turn Deceive on or off, or change your status between Online, Offline, or Mobile, you can do so by right-clicking the Deceive icon in the tray icons on your Windows Taskbar.

The latest version of Deceive has also added support for VALORANT.