C9 Perkz: ‘I know that Jankos wants to go to NA after this year’

Get the bag.

Photo via G2 Esports

One of the LEC’s finest junglers might be contemplating a move even further west, according to one of his former League of Legends teammates.

Perkz, who made a guest appearance on IWillDominate’s podcast The Crackdown last night, said G2 jungler Jankos wants to compete in North America after this year.

The jungler has won four LEC split championships and one Mid-Season Invitational with G2. On paper, Jankos is now a part of one of the strongest G2 lineups ever assembled after the acquisition of Rekkles in a bid to claim an elusive World Championship for the organization.

For Jankos, who started his professional career in 2013 and is one of League’s longest-tenured pros, the prospect of winding down his competitive career could be an attractive one, regardless of whether he wins Worlds. Jankos has been previously vocal about his intention to divert more attention to streaming and a potential move to the LCS once the desire to compete at the highest level fades.

While the LEC remains one of the more competitive regions in League, it’s well known that LCS salaries are far higher, especially for a potentially high-tier import like Jankos.

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For Perkz, who once called Jankos his “favorite teammate ever,” a reunion could be on the cards. C9 has been excellent through the first few weeks of the 2021 LCS Spring Split and already has an MVP-winning jungler in Blaber, but even the most dominant NA teams have had lackluster results on the international stage.

If NA has another poor showing at Worlds like it did in 2020 when none of its teams made it out of groups, the region’s elite orgs could be salivating at the chance to capture one of the West’s most revered junglers—even if it’s toward the tail end of his career.

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