Bjergsen climbs LCS kill leaderboard after beating FlyQuest in Spring Split week 2

Beating FlyQuest was just one of Bjergsen's accomplishments in this game.

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

Team Liquid continue to display their dominance in the 2022 LCS Spring Split, ending their week with a demanding victory over FlyQuest in today’s matchup. By constantly poking and harassing their opposition, Liquid ended FlyQuest’s 3-0 streak, which gave FlyQuest sole possession of first place until today. This match put both teams at the top of the standings, tied in first place alongside 100 Thieves and Cloud9.

Following his performance on Corki this game, Bjergsen holds the second spot in most all-time LCS kills at 2,099, beating his friend and former teammate, Doublelift. He now trails only WildTurtle, who reigns supreme at the top of the leaderboard with 2,138 kills—though Bjergsen very well may beat this record as well before the Spring Split ends.

FlyQuest opted yet again to not go for the Smite support top lane strategy that cemented their first two victories of the Spring Split. Instead, Kumo took control of Graves, who is not as teamfight-oriented as Ornn, but has the potential to carry a game. Against Bwipo’s Jayce, however, Kumo had quite the fight on his hands for most of the laning phase.

Objectives quickly fell into Liquid’s hands, giving them an almost 3,000 gold lead at 20 minutes. Teamfights after this mark attempted to balance this asymmetry, but by trading an equal amount of players on both sides, the lead remained in Liquid’s favor for another large portion of the game.

Bjergsen’s damage on Corki ramped up quickly as he got more and more items under his belt. With a single rocket at three items, Johnsun had to back constantly before he could be a factor in fights. By picking apart most of FlyQuest’s front line, Hans sama and Bwipo shot down the rest of their opponents from great distances, taking the Baron-empowered minions down the mid lane and ultimately ending FlyQuest’s undefeated streak.

Liquid now join Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and FlyQuest at 3-1, forcing a four-way tie for first place at the end of week two of the 2022 LCS Spring Split. They will start week three in a brawl against Evil Geniuses, who have a 2-2 record after their loss to 100T earlier today.

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