Ssumday makes EG dizzy as 100T win their 3rd game of 2022 LCS Spring Split

Screams, spins, and slashes helped 100T stomp to victory.

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

An angry spinning man highlighted 100 Thieves’ victory over Evil Geniuses today to end their second week of the 2022 LCS Spring Split. All members of this team, the reigning LCS champions, kept map awareness in the forefront of their minds, taking EG to the limit in an exciting battle.

All eyes were on the jungle matchup heading into the match. With years of League of Legends experience in different parts of the world between both Closer and Inspired, they had the individual potential to turn the game around. As the match unfolded, however, the “top lane island” became the biggest factor in the game’s outcome—with particular attention on Ssumday.

Fasting Senna continues to be a strong pick in both solo queue and professional play. In Patch 12.3, after nerfs targeted her status as an ADC, Senna’s fasting strategy has a 53.03-percent win rate in Master and above, according to U.GG. FBI and huhi managed this bot lane tactic effortlessly, giving them the upper hand in early drake-side fights and opportunities to roam for objectives.

Meanwhile, Ssumday built a Hullbreaker on Tryndamere that let him take down both outer top turrets in less than 20 minutes. Impact’s Graves attempted to answer Ssumday’s split-pushing bot, but on Tryndamere, Ssumday not only dealt massive damage quickly, but also got away without a scratch. With so much oppression hitting them at all sides, EG sought out any objectives they could get their hands on to catch up. 

In traditional League fashion, both teams continued to farm for the next 10 minutes, knowing that any slip-ups could completely change either team’s trajectory. Impact getting caught out while venturing to mid lane resulted in a massive teamfight in 100T’s favor, allowing them to get the Baron and their third drake, as well as hand Ssumday a triple kill under the enemy inhibitor turret.

100T end the second week of the 2022 LCS Spring Split at 3-1, while EG remain at the middle of the standings at 2-2. Even with this loss, EG continue to look like a terrifying team across the board, likely to find further success in the weeks to come. 100T, following their loss yesterday to Immortals, now venture into week three at the top of the LCS.

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