2021 LPL Summer Split playoffs/regional finals: Scores, schedule, bracket

Here are the scores, schedule, and bracket for the 2021 LPL Summer Split playoffs.

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For the second year running, the LPL earned an additional slot at the League of Legends World Championship after Royal Never Give Up knocked out DWG KIA in the finals of MSI.

With four slots at Worlds on the line, the 2021 LPL Summer Split playoffs could be more ruthless than ever.

From Aug. 12 to Sept. 2, the top 10 teams from the LPL regular season will be eager to contend for a spot at the game’s most prestigious event of the year and represent their country in Europe later this year.

In a series of best-of-five matchups, the playoffs will be split into two phases. The first phase will comprise of two King of Hill single eliminations brackets with seeds 4/5/8/9 facing off in one and seeds 3/6/7/10 in the other. 

The winners will advance to the second phase of the playoffs where they’ll compete in a double-elimination bracket for a place in the grand finals.

With their win over Team WE on Friday, Aug. 27, FunPlux Phoenix clinched a spot in the Worlds 2021 group stage as, at minimum, the LPL’s second seed. EDG also secured a spot in groups at the end-of-year event after beating WE on Sunday.

Championship points

Screengrab via lol.fandom

Playoffs bracket

Screengrab via lol.fandom

Playoffs schedule/scores

Aug. 12

  • 4am CT: Round one
    • LNG 3-2 Suning

Aug. 13

Aug. 14

Aug. 15

Aug. 19

Aug. 20

  • 4am CT: Round three
    • Team WE 3-2 Rare Atom

Aug. 21

  • 4am CT: Round four
    • FunPlus Phoenix 3-0 LNG

Aug. 22

  • 4am CT: Round four
    • Team WE 3-2 EDG

Aug. 26

Aug. 27

Aug. 29

Sept. 2

  • TBD: Grand final
    • EDG 3-1 FunPlus Phoenix

The LPL regional finals will determine the third and fourth teams to qualify for Worlds 2021 in the region. The top four teams with the most championship points, that haven’t already qualified, will compete in a two round, best of five bracket.

Regional finals bracket

Screengrab via lol.fandom

Regional finals schedule/scores

Sept. 3

  • 2:30am CT: Round one
    • RNG 3-0 Team WE

Sept. 4

  • 3:30am CT: Round one
    • LNG 3-0 Rare Atom

Sept. 5

  • 4:30am CT: Round two
    • LNG 3-1 Team WE

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