EDG end LNG’s dream run, advance to 2021 LPL Summer Split semifinals

EDG's hopes for the LPL title and the 2021 World Championship are still alive.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Edward Gaming made it to the semifinals of the 2021 LPL Summer Split playoffs by defeating LNG Esports 3-1 earlier today. They also guaranteed a top-three finish, which means they’ll earn at least 80 Championship Points toward qualification for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

LNG showed some signs of life today, particularly in the third game that they won where Ale picked Viego in the top lane and icon chose Kennen in the mid lane. They surprised EDG with this strategy and it proved to be successful in this case. Kennen’s massive crowd control, along with his skill shots and Zhonya’s, enabled Viego to snowball the game with endless teamfights.

Ale was voted the MVP of this game, earning a perfect KDA and dealing over 40 percent of LNG’s damage. Outside of that game, however, the underdogs didn’t find the same success. While they tried out multiple aggressive plays toward EDG’s top lane, LNG sometimes overreached and were punished by their opponents. They also struggled to execute their game plans set during the draft phases, often falling off after the 15-minute mark.

Although LNG ended their journey in the 2021 LPL season, they’ll still have a chance to qualify for Worlds 2021 by earning a top-two finish in the Regional Finals. This will offer either a spot directly in the main event or in the play-in stage. Their first series will see them going up against Rare Atom on Sept. 4 at 3:30am CT.

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Since LNG showed tremendous improvements throughout the season, and during the playoffs in particular, LNG likely won’t be underestimated by their opponents in the regional qualifier.

EDG, on the other hand, made great adjustments to their opponent’s strategies during the drafts today. The players incorporated top laner Flandre well in their strategies, enabling them to take control of the bot lane and the dragon pit and then to win key teamfights during the mid game. In addition, each time they took control of the early game, EDG didn’t let go of their lead and successfully snowballed their way to victory.

The next LPL playoff series will see FunPlus Phoenix taking on Team WE in the semifinals tomorrow, Aug. 27, at 4am CT. The losing team will then face off against EDG on Aug. 29 to earn a spot in the 2021 LPL Summer Split grand finals, set for Sept. 2.

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