Hearthstone update 16.0.3 aims to fix bugs introduced with Descent of Dragons

Bug fixes coming your way.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With the launch of any new game, a few hiccups will likely sneak past the development team. Hearthstone expansions are no different and update 16.0.3 aims to fix a variety of bugs introduced with Descent of Dragons.

This is a server-side update, which means you won’t need to download anything on your end. Hearthstone community manager Chris Attalus announced the update on Reddit last night and said the team was in the process of rolling it out.

Here are all the bug fixes included with update 16.0.3.

Bug fixes

  • The update will fix an issue that could cause Sidequests to prevent Questing Explorer from drawing a card. Questing Explorer is a two-cost minion that has a Battlecry allowing you to draw a card if you control a Quest.
  • Update 16.0.3 will also address an issue where Storm Egg had Rush and shouldn’t.
  • The update addresses an issue with the Happy Hallow’s End quest that could prevent players from being able to complete it.
  • In the Tombs of Terror solo adventure, an issue will be addressed that could cause Battle Scars anomaly to prevent the player from progressing after ending a Plague Lord encounter with a tie.
  • An issue with Murky’s Battle Horn that would cause both heroes to be destroyed during Tombs of Terror has also been fixed.

In addition to the above bug fixes, update 16.0.3 will also make a few small changes to Arena and Battlegrounds. During Arena runs, Dragonmaw Poacher and Lightforged Zealot will no longer be draftable. Dragonmaw Poacher is a four-cost minion with a Battlecry that allows it to gain +4/+4 and Rush if your opponent controls a dragon. Lightforged Zealot is a four-cost Paladin minion with a Battlecry that equips a 4/2 Truesilver Champion if your deck has no Neutral cards.

As far as Hearthstone Battlegrounds is concerned, the only change you’ll see with this update is that Primalfin Lookout will now be a tier-five minion instead of tier-four.

The Descent of Dragons expansion has only been live for a few days and Blizzard is already trying to ensure the quality of its product. You can check out all the cards with the Descent of Dragons expansion right now.