Wireless N64 controllers for Nintendo Switch will be restocked in NA in 2022

You'll have to wait awhile to snag a controller.

Image via Nintendo | Remixed by Cale Michael

North American fans trying to buy the Nintendo 64 wireless controller for the Switch will have to wait until 2022. 

As reported by Nintendo Life, the N64 wireless controller is out of stock and will be unavailable until 2022. This is reportedly only the case in North America, though, and other regions might still be able to purchase a controller. 

The Nintendo 64 controller is an excellent way to improve your experience of reliving N64 titles with the Nintendo Switch Online plus Expansion Pack subscription, allowing players to download several classic N64 games, including Mario 64, Winback, and Mario Kart 64. Players can also purchase a Sega Genesis wireless controller if they plan on enjoying the available Sega Genesis titles.

Both controllers were available for prerelease in early October and each Nintendo account was limited to four controllers. The first round of controllers was scheduled to ship on Oct. 25, meaning lucky players are possibly already enjoying the unique devices. Fans can still enjoy the N64 games with traditional Switch controllers, but playing these titles without the original peripherals just isn’t the same. 

Anyone in North America looking for an N64 controller will have to wait until 2022 for the restock. The official Nintendo website doesn’t clarify exactly when in 2022 the controllers will be restocked, however.

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