How to use a PlayStation controller on Steam Deck

Get more mileage out of your PlayStation investment.

Valve’s Steam Deck provides PC gamers with the freedom of a handheld and the expansive Steam catalog of games. Playing those games can be difficult for first-time handheld gamers who aren’t used to the controls. Luckily, the Steam Deck supports external controllers.

Just like Steam on PC, the Steam Deck is a controller-friendly environment, meaning you can use a variety of controllers from different brands. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and other third-party controllers are all welcome on Valve’s monster of handheld. For those who are looking to get more mileage out of their PlayStation controllers beyond the console itself, the Steam Deck supports both PS5 and PS4 controllers. But some of the PS5 controller’s key features will be left out of the mix due to compatibility issues.

Here’s how to use PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controllers on Steam Deck.

  • Locate the Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Turn Bluetooth on.
  • On the controller, hold down the PlayStation button and the Share button.
  • When the controller appears as a wireless controller on the Steam Deck, hit A to pair.

The only issue you might run into here is that some button symbols won’t match up with those presented in-game. Prompts like “Press X” won’t mean press the X button but rather press the X button as located on the Xbox controller. Other than that small hiccup, you shouldn’t have to go through much hassle of button mapping.