How to turn off the PS5 using a controller

As easy as one, two, three.

Image via PlayStation

The next generation of gaming consoles is here, and with the PlayStation 5 in a lot of people’s homes, there have surely been sleepless video game filled nights over the past week.

But you can’t game forever, and sometimes, turning off the console manually requires just a little too much effort for your taste. 

If you’re not close enough to your PS5 to be able to turn it off but you still have a controller in your hands, you’re in luck.

The PS5, just like its predecessor, has a convenient way that owners can turn it off using only a controller—and the steps are fairly simple.

  • Start by pushing and holding the PlayStation button in the center of your controller. This can be done regardless of what app or game you’re on.
  • After that, a menu will appear on your screen. Move down the menu and to the right, you’ll find the “Power” options. 
  • From there, you can either select to “Turn Off” your PS5 or “Enter Rest Mode.” By entering rest mode, you’ll be able to keep charging any controller you have plugged in and any downloads you have going on will continue as well. Turning off your PS5 will completely shut it down.