How to sync your Xbox Series X|S controller to the console

It's easier than it was for the Xbox One.

Image via Microsoft

Before you can even start playing a game on your new Xbox Series X or S system, you first need to set up a controller to play your games and navigate the menus and the early setup process.

Syncing the controller is straightforward, though. It doesn’t require any additional wires or methods to connect the controller to the console. But a lot of people might forget what to do in time or need to know how to sync a controller to a console in the future for multiplayer gaming.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to do to sync controllers to the Xbox Series X and S:

  1. Click the button above the USB port on the Xbox Series X or S at the front of the console. The Xbox light should begin to flash.
  2. Click the small circle button on the top of your Series X or S controller beside the left bumper button. The Xbox button on the controller should also begin to flash.
  3. When both the console and controller’s lights turn solid, that means the controller and console are now paired and should be good to go.

After completing these steps, your controller should be connected and ready to use. If it doesn’t work, however, then your controller might be faulty and you may need to reach out to Microsoft for further assistance.