How to play DVD and Blu-ray on Xbox Series X

One device, two forms of entertainment.

Image via Microsoft

Consoles are mostly associated with gaming, but they’re more resourceful than one would think. They’re entertainment hubs that can double as media consumption machines.

Both the Xbox Series X and S can browse through the web and run apps like Netflix, YouTube, or any supported streaming service. This allows you to use your console even while watching your favorite TV shows and movies, eliminating the need for a PC or laptop.

While the streaming services do a great job when it comes to video qualities, not all of them support 4K resolutions, and nothing can beat the blooper scenes you’d get to see on a Blu-ray.

Blu-ray versions of each production include lots of Easter eggs and even souvenirs while offering the best possible audio and viewing experience. Not all disc drivers will be capable of playing Blu-ray content, but Xbox Series X has all the necessary tools to become your primary media player in addition to being your dedicated gaming console.

How can you play DVD and Blu-ray on Xbox Series X?

Setting up Blu-ray drivers used to be quite a hassle since they all had different user interfaces, which looked like anything you’ve seen before. Playing a DVD or a Blu-ray on your Xbox Series X is relatively straightforward since you only need to insert your disc into the disc driver.

You may start hearing strange noises coming out of your Xbox Series X after installing your disc as your disc drive will begin its reading process.

If this is your first time inserting a media disc into your Xbox Series X, you’ll also need to download a separate app called “Blu-ray Player.” This is a media player, developed by Microsoft, and lets you play the most video files, including Blu-ray.

To download the application, you’ll need to press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide menu.

  • Once you’re on the guide menu, head over to the Store section.
  • Open shop by pressing A on it, and click on Search.
  • Type in “Blu-ray Player” into the search box and select it by pressing A.
Screengrab via Microsoft
  • The app should appear on your home screen upon installing it, and you can start watching your DVDs/Blu-ray discs by launching the app after inserting them onto your console’s drive.

Can you watch DVDs or Blu-ray discs on Xbox Series S?

Unlike the Xbox Series X, the S version of the console doesn’t have a disc drive. This means that it isn’t possible to insert a disc inside of an Xbox Series S. Downloading the Blu-ray player onto your console will be no help since your console doesn’t have a way to read disc data.

You’ll still be able to use streaming services on your Xbox Series S, however, which should still be enough if you’re mostly consuming online content.