How to pair a PS5 DualSense controller with an Android phone

Use the DualSense on the go.

Image via PlayStation

As Sony continues its global rollout of the PS5 over the next week, thousands of gamers will finally get their first taste of next-generation gaming.

But many gamers were unable to get a pre-order for the console in early enough to receive it on launch. Some stores even notified customers that they shouldn’t expect their devices until the middle of 2021. While you might not be able to play the console’s new games, you can experience part of the next-gen gaming experience with the recently released DualSense controller becoming widely available worldwide.

Just because you lack the console doesn’t mean you won’t be able to experience the new controller. Much like the previous DualShock4, the DualSense controller can be connected to mobile devices to use in supported games.

How to connect a DualSense controller to an Android phone

Photo via Dot Esports
  • First, you need to make sure that the controller isn’t powered on and connected to any PlayStation console. If you have a console, the best way to ensure it’s not connected is by turning the console off while you pair the controller to your phone.
  • Next, put the controller in pairing mode. This can be done by holding both the share button located to the left of the touchpad and the PlayStation button in the center of the controller. When held together for a duration of time, the lights around the touch screen will begin to pulse blue, notifying you that it’s searching for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Now it’s time to move over to your mobile device. First, make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Otherwise, this pairing process won’t be possible.
  • Next, go to the swipe down twice to bring up the phone menu. Hold the Bluetooth icon in until you’re taken to a device’s screen.
  • Simply press the pair Bluetooth device button and select the wireless controller from the list of available devices. Lastly, wait for the connection to be established between your phone and the DualSense controller.
  • Once this process is complete, you should be able to use your DualSense controller on any apps that support controller play.

Keep in mind, right now, no applications are going to fully take advantage of the controller’s next-gen hardware, including the haptic sensors and adaptive triggers. To experience these features, you either need to use a PS5 console or wait until apps are released that support them on Android.