How to get a PS5 out of safe mode

There are multiple ways to do so.

Image via PlayStation

Sony’s PS5 has finally launched and thousands of users now have the chance to play games on next-generation hardware.

At the beginning of any console generation, users are likely to encounter some issues with the device as it’s put through a variety of situations that weren’t addressed during the system’s testing phase. As a result, fans often see issues pop up from major system bricking problems to minor bugs that can be fixed by the user.

When trying to fix a previously identified issue, you’re going to want to boot your console into safe mode. Safe mode is a state in which the console only boots the core aspects to run the system without many processes that may be the cause of the issue that users are facing. From this state, you can update the system’s software, change resolution, format the console, or usze other tools to diagnose your issue.

This mode is extremely important and while not everyone will use it, knowing how to enter and exit the state is going to benefit any user if they encounter an issue.

How to take the PS5 out of safe mode

At this point, you’ve already completed the steps to put your console into safe mode. Exiting safe mode is even easier than accessing it.

You can quite literally just select the Restart PS5 option from the top of the menu and your console should boot back into the normal start-up state.

In past generations, users have had issues where their console has been stuck in a safe mode loop. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this issue.

  • If restarting the PS5 doesn’t take it out of safe mode, you should first try updating the system software with a USB. Use a PC to locate the newest system software and download it to a USB drive. Connect the USB and select the system update option from the list. Follow the steps and your system should boot with the most recent software.
  • If this fails to fix the problem, you can try replacing the power cable to your console. During the PS4 console cycle, users reported fixing the issue by replacing old cables from their console.
  • Finally, if you’re still having this issue after trying all else, you can reset your console by booting the OS from a USB drive. It’s a good idea to keep a backup of your PS5 games and saves, just in case you need to reset the console, so you won’t lose this data.