Can you play Total War: Warhammer 3 on Steam Deck?

The world still teeters on the brink of chaos, just not on Steam Deck.


Valve’s Steam Deck released with hundreds of Verified games at launch and the list has since grown to surpass over 500 titles with nearly 500 more marked as Playable. But the Steam catalog is quite literally massive and it’s a mammoth undertaking to verify each game’s compatibility. As such, some games are bound to not make the cut.

Unfortunately for Total War: WARHAMMER III fans, the action strategy game isn’t playable on the Steam Deck. Total War: WARHAMMER III was tested on Feb. 23 and marked as Unsupported on the Steam Verified games list. In the notes of the listing, it appears Total War: WARHAMMER III was marked Unsupported due to unsupported graphics performance. No word on when these issues will be resolved.

On the other hand, Total War: WARHAMMER II is tagged as Playable on the Steam Deck, so there’s still hope for its sequel. Still, the second installment may have a few hiccups since the notes indicate potential issues including:

  • Some functionality is not accessible when using the default controller configuration, requiring use of the touchscreen or virtual keyboard, or a community configuration.
  • The game also sometimes shows mouse, keyboard, or non-Steam-Deck controller icons.
  • This game does not default to external Bluetooth/USB controllers on Deck, and may require manually switching the active controller via the Quick Access Menu.

While you may not be able to jump into Total War: Warhammer III any time soon, there are plenty of titles out there to scratch the itch. To find out which of your games is compatible with the Steam Deck, visit the Great on Deck page or use the CheckMyDeck tool with the help of this guide.