Can you play GTA V on Steam Deck?

Here we go again.

GTA IRL streamer
Image via Rockstar Games

As if it needed to be launched on yet another platform, Rockstar’s 2013 classic Grand Theft Auto V is headed to Valve’s Steam Deck. Launching on every major console since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, GTA V has become a staple of any console’s lifespan.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Rockstar or Valve, GTA V is tagged as Playable on the Steam Deck Verified games list. Valve recently launched the Great on Deck page that provides an easy way to see if your library is compatible with the Steam Deck, but GTA V is not listed as a Verified title. This is likely because GTA V has not passed all of Valve’s compatibility tests in order to earn the tag of Verified.

Still, the listing on the Steam Deck Verified games list provides a bit of insight into what might be preventing GTA V from receiving the green checkmark of greatness. Basing its information off of SteamDB—which has been trustworthy so far—the list indicates that the Rockstar launcher may be an issue.

“This game’s launcher/setup tool may require the touchscreen or virtual keyboard, or have difficult to read text,” read the attached compatibility notes.

This tracks with GTA V not receiving the Verified tag ahead of launch. The notes do not say that the game is unplayable, but it hits a snag regarding player comfort and ease of access, meaning it can’t be deemed Verified. Luckily for GTA V fans, there don’t appear to be any other known issues and the game is tagged as Playable.

Valve’s Steam Deck launches on Feb. 25 with a ship date three days later on Feb. 28. To see if your Steam library is compatible, you can visit the Great on Deck page or with the CheckMyDeck tool in tandem with this guide.

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