All skull locations in Halo Infinite campaign

These could be 12 fine additions to your collection.

Image via 343 Industries

After a long wait, the Halo Infinite single-player campaign has been released today. It’s available on Steam and the Xbox app for PC players, as well as on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Any dedicated Halo player will be actively seeking the collectible skulls scattered throughout the levels of the campaign. These skulls will modify the player’s gameplay experience and can be activated when starting or loading a campaign file.

Here’s the location of all 12 skulls in the Halo Infinite campaign and what each one does.

The Boom Skull – Warship Gbraakon

The first skull is located in the campaign’s first mission, inside Warship Gbraakon. At some point, you’ll reach a two-level hallway with three lifts lit red on the right-hand side. Hop on the middle lift and jump onto the container to your right to grab the Boom Skull.

The Boom Skull will double your explosion radius.

The Cowbell Skull – Foundation

The Cowbell Skull is located on the second level, Foundation. After you enter the massive room with high ceilings, you can use your scanner to spot the skull above you. You’ll need a grappling hook to get up there and grab it.

The Cowbell Skull increases the acceleration of items caught in explosions, effectively causing these items to be sent flying away from the source of the explosion.

The Catch Skull – North Zeta

The Catch Skull is the first one you can acquire when the open world portion of the game opens up. In the north portion of the Zeta map, northwest of Outpost Tremonius, there’s a valley between the canyons guarded by enemies. After clearing them out, you can find this skull in a tree stump stuffed with Marine helmets.

The Catch Skull causes enemies to throw and drop more grenades.

The Fog Skull – West Zeta

The Fog Skull is on the western edge of Zeta, west of FOB Alpha. You’ll likely need a vehicle to reach a small cave in the southern part of the metal hexagons. The skull is among a collection of helmets.

The Fog Skull disables the motion tracker.

The ‘I Would Have Been Your Daddy’ (IWHBYD) Skull – The Tower

This skull is located on the top of The Tower, one of the main landmarks on Zeta. The easiest way to access it will be with a flying vehicle. You can grab the skull from on top of a chest surrounded by stacks of containers.

The IWHBYD Skull causes “rare” combat dialogues to become more common.

The Blind Skull – South of The Tower

The Blind Skull can be found at the bottom of a narrow ravine that’s located to the south of The Tower from the previous skull. Look for a small rocky landmass connecting the two sections toward the bottom of the gap and fly under it until you see a small platform that’s only three hexagons wide. There’s a little corner where the skull is tucked into.

The Blind Skull causes your HUD and your weapon not to appear.

The Thunderstorm Skull – Zeta

The Thunderstorm Skull is located near some Banished anti-aircraft guns on a lone tall hexagonal column. This one can be kind of hard to find with no serious landmarks around it, so make sure to use your scanner.

The Thunderstorm Skull increases the rank of most enemies, meaning a higher quality of enemies will be before you.

The Black Eye Skull – South Zeta

The Black Eye Skull is hidden behind a tall waterfall just a little bit above the southern edge of Zeta. There’s a small hole about halfway up that can be accessed with a flying vehicle. Crouch through the hole to reach the cave where the skull is.

The Black Eye Skull causes your shields to only recharge by punching enemies.

The Famine Skull – East Zeta

The Famine Skull is located on the absolute eastern edge of the Zeta map, on a lone rock column between two massive structures. On the eastern side of the column, the skull can be seen in the hand of a dead Elite. This is the final open-world skull.

The Famine Skull causes weapons dropped by enemies to only have half the ammo they normally would.

The Mythic Skull – The Command Spire

The Mythic Skull can be found in The Command Spire level. When you reach the large hallway where the Forerunner columns pass through light and turn for the second time, grapple onto one of the columns then up into the opening in the ceiling. You’ll find a door with a hallway to follow, leading to the Mythic Skull in a room on its own.

The Mythic Skull gives enemies more health.

The Grunt Birthday Skull – Repository

The Grunt Birthday Skull is located in the Repository mission. When you reach the big room with the central terminal, activate it, but then grapple to one of the doors where the bridge didn’t extend (the one with the lower beam of light to the left of it). Go through the door to grab a Power Seed and take it to the door on the opposite side of the large terminal room. Insert the Power Seed in the device on the right side of the room, then continue the mission. Afterward, you’ll reach a room with gold plating on the wall, with an opening close to the ceiling. Grapple up there, fight a couple of cloaked Elites, and grab the skull.

The Grunt Birthday Skull causes Grunt headshots to display a small celebration, with confetti and cheering.

The Bandana Skull – Silent Auditorium

The last skull, the Bandana Skull, is located in the Silent Auditorium mission. When you reach a large room where the Sentinels appear, don’t kill them. Continue on and when you reach a pair of light bridges, cross both of them and go through a door that should open if you didn’t kill any Sentinels. The skull is up on a central ledge.

The Bandana Skull grants unlimited ammo and grenades, and removes the cooldown for equipment.