Who’s the best shooter in NBA 2K23?

We can hear the splash a mile away.

Image via 2K Games

Basketball is a game of scoring, so knowing who the best shooters in NBA 2K23 are will probably help your cause on the court. You wouldn’t want to be throwing up bricks from the three-point line with players who don’t have the necessary stats.

You don’t have to wait until Sept. 9, 2K23’s official release date, to find out which players have the highest three-point shot rating. 2K Games has already announced some player ratings prior to launch. Those include the highest-rated overall players, the best dunkers in the game, and, of course, the best NBA 2K23 three-point shooters.

Who is the best shooter in NBA 2K23?

It shouldn’t shock you to find out that Steph Curry is the best shooter in NBA 2K23. The NBA Finals MVP’s three-point shot is rated at, wait for it, 99. It’s difficult to top that number. In perhaps the only instance in history of that happening, most fans agree on something: Steph Curry is the greatest shooter ever. He’s also coming off an NBA title and his first Finals MVP trophy. No surprises here.

Highest rated shooters in NBA 2K23

The other splash brother, Klay Thompson, comes in second in NBA 2K23 three-point shooting, but he may not be pleased with his rating. Klay’s shot from behind the line is rated at 88, the same as three other players. Thompson was injured for a long time and his three-point accuracy did drop a bit after his return last season. Still, he’s widely regarded as one of the best shooters of all time and it’s a guarantee a lot of fans will think this rating is way too low.

Sharing Klay’s three-point rating are his former teammate Kevin Durant, Desmond Bane, and Luke Kennard. KD already expressed his disagreement with the OVR rating he got in 2K23, so it will be interesting to see if he speaks up on his shooting stats too. Not many will argue with Bane and Kennard’s inclusion in the top five since both enjoyed an impressive season shooting the ball.

Players with highest three-point shot rating in NBA 2K23

  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) – 99
  • Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) – 88
  • Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors) – 88
  • Desmond Bane (Memphis Grizzlies) – 88
  • Luke Kennard (Los Angeles Clippers) – 88

Leave these players open at the three-point line and you might as well concede the points before they’ve even released the shot.