Where to find Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lots of Dreamlight is required to gain access to this resource.

Image via Gameloft

After players unlock Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they’ll be tasked with finding some Clay, but the resource isn’t easy to find. Clay is an essential resource in the game, and it’s needed for a number of crafting recipes and is also required to complete quests like “A Mysterious Wreck”.

Once players unlock this quest, Goofy asks players to help him fix a raft that is broken on the little island on Dazzle Beach. Players will need several items, including 30 Hardwood, seven Rope, 25 Clay, and 10 Iron Ingots.

In order to get Clay, players will need to unlock at least one of the new areas besides Dazzle Beach. The biome players should prioritize if they’re looking to get Clay quickly is the Glade of Trust. It can be unlocked for 7,000 Dreamlight, the cheapest out of all of the biomes that contain the resource.

The Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands are also places where Clay is found, but they take far more Dreamlight to unlock. The Glade of Trust is located just south of the Peaceful Meadow.

How to get Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have one or more of the biomes unlocked that have Clay, all players need to do is find the muddy areas next to bodies of water. Those spots have a chance to uncover Clay. Bringing a character that helps players find additional items when digging is helpful since finding 25 Clay will likely take a few passes of the area and having those extra items will help speed up the process.

Screengrab via Gameloft

There are some areas in the Glade of Trust that also house Clay that aren’t near a body of water, as long as the area looks muddy and water-logged players can find clay there. Players will get 2-3 Clay per dig, which also helps with collecting the amount of Clay required.

What is Clay Used for In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Once you have Clay, you can make Bricks and Sun-Baked Earthen Road with it, and it will help you with your quest to rebuild the raft for Goofy as well.