What is the PlayStation Stars loyalty program? Release date, monthly challenges, digital collectibles, and more

Become a PlayStation Star.

Image via PlayStation

Grace Chan, the vice president of network advertising, loyalty, and licensed merchandise at PlayStation, revealed PlayStation Stars in a blog post today.

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program that Sony is pushing for PlayStation gamers. PlayStation’s new program will enhance what you can do but won’t interfere with events like State of Play or community challenges. Although it sounds like Microsoft Rewards, PlayStation Stars is exclusive to PlayStation products.

What is the release date for PlayStation Stars?

The only thing Chan said in her post is that it will release later on in the year. Chan said that there will be more posts to update readers on what day it will launch. When it does launch, PlayStation Stars will come out in specific “region rollouts.” We will update this article when a release date is revealed.

What are the monthly challenges in PlayStation Stars?

After becoming a member of PlayStation Stars, you’ll receive challenges each month involving a variety of campaigns and activities. There will be challenges that are as simple as monthly check-ins, which reward you for playing any game within that particular month. Depending on the campaign, you may have to do more complex things. Some campaigns task players with winning tournaments, earning regular trophies, or even being the first player to platinum a game in your time zone.

What are Loyalty Points in PlayStation Stars?

You will be able to earn Loyalty Points as a PlayStation Stars member. These points are given to you as you complete the monthly challenges. You can redeem points for PSN wallet funds, PlayStation Store products, and digital collectibles. PlayStation Plus members enrolled in PlayStation Stars also earn points for PlayStation Store purchases automatically. 

What are the digital collectibles in PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars will be able to get digital collectibles. In essence, digital collectibles are just collectibles you can see in your PlayStation Stars account. Collectibles cover Sony’s catalog of products and franchises. They include digital representations of gaming and entertainment characters that PlayStation fans love, as well as devices that tap into Sony’s history. There are some collectibles that are rarer than others, but players will have many chances to earn them.

Will PlayStation Stars be free?

Yes, PlayStation Stars will be completely free to join. Sony is just trying to get more players to stick with its console over others. You will be more likely to buy a game on PlayStation if you are rewarded for purchasing it on PlayStation instead of Xbox. This is a great way to keep players loyal. It has not been mentioned whether you can opt-out of PlayStation Stars, and you most likely can’t. It is expected to appear after a regularly scheduled update after it launches.