Steam Deck users can now reliably use Remote Play Together

Now you can take your friends anywhere.

Screengrab via Valve

Valve has announced that Remote Play Together is “now completely functional” on Steam Deck.

In yesterday’s Steam Deck and SteamOS patch notes, Valve noted that players can now reliably host and join Remote Play Together sessions from their Steam Deck. Interested players can view a list of supported games and visit the Quick Access Menu on their Steam Deck to initiate a session.

Remote Play Together is a Valve service that allows players to play local or “couch” co-op games together over the internet, even if those games normally wouldn’t support internet or long-distance connections. PC users have been able to use Remote Play Together through Steam for a while now, but this Steam Deck patch marks the first time that the service will be reliably functional for all supported games on the Steam Deck.

The patch also featured a variety of smaller updates focused mostly around performance and display options. Users can now adjust their in-game refresh rate, view a more accurate total of how much VRAM the Steam Deck is using at any given time, and choose from a wider variety of internal screen resolution options. The Steam Deck will now notify players when its SSD is close to full and has less than 2GB of space left. Players can also now swap Steam accounts from the power menu and can name controller layout commands.

Steam Decks are still rolling out to those who pre-ordered them, but everyone who has theirs already should be able to download these updates. Not every Steam game works well on the handheld yet, but these updates make it seem as though the Steam Deck is getting closer to universal functionality.