Splitgate’s new map creator allows 8 players to create maps at once

All players can save a version of the map to their PCs

Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate’s new update drops today, bringing with it a new map creator and Beta Season One, which comes with an “array of new features, modes, and enhancements including a custom map creator,” according to 1047 Games.

Details around the new features have now been released, including the fact that eight players can collaborate and work on creating a map together at the same time.

The map creator is being introduced in this update, but developers are planning to update it and add new features to it as time goes on. For now, eight players can create a map at the same time, and each of those players can save a version of the map to their PCs to go back to later.

Players may also see new maps coming up in their custom games since the created maps can be included in the custom game menu. This will allow for more creativity within the community by combining custom maps with custom rules.

In addition to the map creator, another big feature in this update is the battle pass, which features another 100 rewards. There are new skins, emotes, and other goodies to earn as a new season begins. There is also a new game mode and simulation map.

Image via 1047 Games

Foregone Destruction was also given a large facelift in this update. Since the game launched, 1047 Games has secured a lot of money from investments and has grown the team to around 50 members that come from games like Halo. Developers wanted to redesign a map, and with this update, Foregone Destruction gets an entirely new look.

Players who log on are now able to activate the new battle pass and start earning more rewards, as well as have fun with the new map creator since the update went live this morning.