New Splitgate season brings map creator and game modes

Players are finally getting the map creator they've been asking for.

Image via 1047 Games

1047 Games has released information about its next big Splitegate update, which brings with it Beta Season One, a custom map creator, and a plethora of new features.

In a press release, 1047 Games says the Beta Season One update comes on Jan. 27 and includes “an array of new features, modes, and enhancements including a custom map creator.” Along with a new season that allows players to get new cosmetics, a map creator is a big addition to the game that players have been asking for since it was relaunched in 2021.

“Our custom map creator will continue to evolve alongside the rest of the game,” said the CEO of 1047 Games Ian Proulx. “We’re looking at the map creator as an evolutionary tool driven by the community – it’s a robust feature for fans to play with day one of our new season, and we’re really interested in hearing feedback from the community regarding the types of features and tools they want.”

The update also includes a “complete reimagining of the Foregone Destruction map.” Along with the update to the map, there is also a new game mode called Evolution. It’s a round-based mode that awards the team of the previous losing round with improved weapon load-outs.

There is also a One Flag Capture-the-Flag mode, which is a variation of the typical capture-the-flag mode. It’s round-based, where one team defends the flag, while the other tries to capture and deliver it to win the round. The team with the most round wins claims victory.

A new simulation map called Hotel is also included in the Beta Season One update. It’s used in three-vs-three game modes such as Takedown, Showdown, and Evolution.

The beta pass for the new season will model the previous seasons, where players can grab some free cosmetics in the standard pass, or purchase the full battle pass which gives access to all of the cosmetic content in addition to the free content.