Smite equality avatar obtainability and double gains event extended

Get it while you can.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Smite kicked off 2021 with a new season that includes a ton of new content. And some of the goodies from the month of January will still be around in February.

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day last month, Smite released the equality avatar. This emblem shows a clenched fist thrust in front of a peace symbol and is meant to celebrate MLK and the civil rights movement.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Though the avatar was only obtainable for a limited time, Hi-Rez has announced that the window to snag it has been extended. As a way to celebrate Black History Month, Hi-Rez will award the equality avatar to any player who wins a game during the month of February.

That’s not the only thing Hi-Rez is extending, either. As many Smite players are aware, the first week of season eight has been rough in regard to server issues. Disconnects and full-on server restarts have been commonplace this week, but it looks like Hi-Rez is trying to make up for it. When season eight launched, it did so alongside an event that awarded double worshipers, XP, and favor.

Given the state of the game during the launch of season eight, Hi-Rez has decided to extend the double gains to Thursday, Feb. 4. That means for nearly the rest of the week, you can stack all the worshippers, favor, and XP that your heart desires.

Be sure to snag a win before February is over so you can claim your equality avatar and be part of the celebration.