Should you do what you promised Alberto or go to the center in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

Learn about the aftermath of this important decision.

Image via Techland

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players will come across many game-changing decisions.

Throughout the story, you’ll be given a couple of seconds to pick one option over the other. And make no mistakes, those decisions will have a major impact on how the main story plays out in the end.

In the earlier stages of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players who assigned the first water tower in the game to the Survivors will be needed to assist Alberto, one of the group members. The Bazaar’s Craftmaster will need a hand in blowing up the Peacekeepers’ windmill in Old Villedor.

Once you get the job done, Alberto will find himself in trouble. He’ll be visited by Berislav and Brooks, two Peacekeepers who you may have met before if you went to Aitor instead of Sophie previously. Unfortunately for the Craftmaster, he’ll be seriously wounded by the two characters. When you take care of them, Alberto will tell you his dying wish, which is to let his son Vincenzo know that he’s proud of him.

Afterward, players will receive a call from Hakon while leaving Alberto’s hideout. He’ll tell you that the passage to the Central Loop is open, and if you get there quickly, you’ll both get by unnoticed. But Aiden may choose to go to the Bazaar in the first place to fulfill Alberto’s wish. Thus, players will be presented with a choice.

If you decide to join Hakon immediately, not much will happen. He’ll compliment your decision and alongside him, you’ll make your attempt to reach the Central Loop.

But there’s more story to go through if players decide that Aiden should visit the Bazaar and tell Vincenzo his dad’s last words. When you arrive in the settlement, you’ll find it was attacked by the Peacekeepers. Thus, you’ll need to fight a few of them, with Anderson, one of the major group members as well.

Once you defeat the Peacekeepers, you’ll be able to deliver Alberto’s message to Vincenzo. A couple of Survivors will drink to his memory and Barney, Sophie’s brother, will also acknowledge you as part of the Bazaar family. When this is done, you’ll be able to proceed to further main story quests, which are about traveling to the Central Loop.