Roblox YouTuber accused of leading ‘cybermob’ reportedly banned by court

YouTuber Ruben Sim has been court ordered to remain off of Roblox.

Image via Roblox

A California court has ordered Roblox YouTube content creator Ruben Sim to stay off of the game, according to a report by Polygon. Sim had already been banned from Roblox for several years, according to court documents received by Polygon, but remained on the platform through the use of alternate accounts.

After his ban, The Roblox Corporation took Sim to court in November, accusing the YouTuber of spearheading a “cybermob.” The Roblox Corporation sought $1.6 million in damages. That was lowered to $150,000, though, as part of a mutually agreed upon stipulated order that legally bound Sim to remain off of Roblox.

Sim has a long list of in-game offenses that ultimately resulted in this court decision. Though Sim was IP banned from Roblox, he began account sharing with other users to continuously return to the platform. Alongside this, Sim was accused of using racial and homophobic slurs and sexually harassing other players. In a recent YouTube video, Sim rebutted these claims and characterizations.

One significant accusation weighed against Sim in court was supposed terrorist threats. Sim allegedly posted a message on Twitter saying that a terrorist attack would happen at the Roblox Developers Conference last year. Shortly after the threat was made, the event was delayed.

As part of the stipulated agreement, Sim has reportedly agreed not to publish false threats of terrorism, make other false statements regarding Roblox, or encourage violence against Roblox employees, players, or offices.