Relaunching ESNLIVE – ESNLateNight Returns and More

We here at eSportsNation are proud to officially announce the return of our highly-requested broadcasting platform, ESNLIVE.

We here at eSportsNation are proud to officially announce the return of our highly-requested broadcasting platform, ESNLIVE. As a viewer, you will be able to catch up on anything eSports-related over on our newly rebooted Twitch and YouTube channels. Weekly-based interactive, entertainment shows, familiar hosts, and special guests will all be featured within these outlets to provide top-tier coverage and video content for the competitive community.

Moving forward, we will be implementing two live shows: ESNLateNight and ESN 4-on-4. Note that additional shows may be brought on within the future, depending on the support and feedback ESN receives from the previously mentioned productions. These shows will be live every week, with livestream VODs available on our YouTube channel the following morning.

ESN’s video media outlets are as follows:



  • What is it? Podcast on CoD eSports
  • When does it start? Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015
  • What time? 9:00 PM EDT
  • What days? Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Yes, it’s finally official: the return of ESNLateNight has arrived; a popular talk show that once gained up to nearly 9,000 viewers at a time, which started back during MLG Anaheim 2013.

*Disclaimer: ESNLateNight will continue to be CoD-focused for now, but we plan to expand our coverage within the coming months.

Formerly hosted by ESN Chief Operations Officer Michael “Creeper” Vickroy and Community Manager Josh “Hype” Reilly, the Twitch-based show ran for over 60 episodes consisting of event recaps, roster changes, and interactive topics of discussion, as well as featured talks with special guests, before the platform was temporarily shut down.

ESNLateNight was prominently known for its high-quality conversations with special guest speakers–Twitch subscribers, pro players, event hosts and popular casters–on relevant issues and events within the Call of Duty eSports realm. This was something that was rarely seen back in the day, and fans in the competitive gaming community were quite entertained by it.

ESNLateNight’s first broadcast will take place on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 with a preview and prediction show prior to the MLG World Finals taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout Oct. 16-18, after each day concludes, we will be hosting a recap show, over on our Twitch channel, to touch base on all the action that occurred during the event.

From that point on, ESNLateNight will be hosted by Josh Reilly, Michael Vickroy, and ESN Creative Director Justin “Waves” every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night, starting at 9:00 PM EDT.

Returning Co-Host Josh Reilly expressed his excitement for the return of ESNLateNight:

I am very excited to once again be at the helm of eSportsNation’s flagship broadcast, ESNLateNight. When I originally created the show back in 2013, the goal was just to be able to talk with some friends about Call of Duty in general. Thanks to the community’s support, it became much more than that. It grew to become the most popular Call of Duty eSports podcast in its time and arguably ever.

We look forward to mixing the roots of ESNLateNight with new ideas and improved content production, in order to create a talk show that we and the community can be proud of once again.

This is only the start of our initiative to drive discussion in the eSports scene, and we will only grow with your help and continued support. We are, and have always been, a community-based company; our shows will be no different.

ESN 4-on-4


  • What is it? Time-based debates
  • When does it start? Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
  • What time? TBA
  • What day? Wednesday

We are taking our once beloved written feature series, ESN 4-on-4, to our Twitch channel. This show will feature two main hosts and two other community figures, who will be discussing hot topics and/or issues within the eSports community.

The structure of the show is quite simple: our two main hosts will introduce four debate segments throughout approximately a one hour period. Each segment will include a topic presented, which will allow all of the hosts to give his or her opinion on a question within a two-minute span; and a single, “open debate” where everyone on the show will be allotted another two minutes to speak freely and argue on a specific topic.

At the end of each segment, we will let the viewers vote on who they believe was right. After our hosts return from each break, the results will be shown on-screen and the next segment will be introduced. We will have a countdown timer present, on-screen throughout the entirety of the discussion, set at two-minute intervals for the allotted time.

Talent Team

With new shows, comes new talent. As aforementioned, we will be bringing on more shows throughout the next few months aside from ESNLateNight and ESN 4-on-4. As a result, we have selected a number of staff members and community figures to host our weekly content.

We would like to officially release our talent lineup of hosts and correspondents for ESNLIVE:

  • Josh “Hype” Reilly – ESN Community Manager and ESNLIVE Project Manager
  • Michael “Creeper” Vickroy – ESN Chief Operations Officer
  • Justin “Waves” – ESN Creative Director
  • Ryan “Veto” – ESN NA CoD Social Media Director
  • Rondez “Fox” Green – eSports Caster, Director for Team Kaliber

Note that we are always open to bringing on more community members within the eSports scene to ESNLIVE. If you’re interested in applying, please submit your information within the provided form:

What do you think about the ESNLIVE reboot? Let us know. Follow our Twitter – @eSportsNation for future updates on ESNLateNight, ESN 4-on-4, and more.

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