Players get new look at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley and release date during June 28 Nintendo Direct

Fans got a peek at more content, and got a release date for early access.

Image via Disney

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, which many are considering a Disney version of Animal Crossing, finally got an early access release date today during the Nintendo Direct. It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on Sept. 6.

There are no additional details about what other platforms the game is coming to and when those versions will release, but many are hoping that more information will be released about other consoles and PC soon. There is also no price listed for the Founder’s Pack that players will need to buy if they want to participate in early access.

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley will be free-to-play when the game comes out of early access, but to play the game before then, players will need to purchase a Founder’s Pack. Along with game access, the pack is likely to have some cosmetic items as well.

Fans also got a deeper look at the game’s features, such as completing quests for Disney characters like cooking with Remy or fishing with Olaf. Players will get to forge friendships with both heroes of the Disney franchise and its many villains. There was also a closer look at the character customization screen, which looks to be pretty expansive.

Screengrab via Gameloft

Although fans have seen a tiny bit of gameplay here and there, many are hoping that a video with just gameplay will premiere sometime before the launch of the game. More details such as which characters will appear in the game, what the questing system will be like, and more will be revealed closer to the early access launch date.