How to transfer your account in Black Desert Online

In with the new.

Screengrab via Pearl Abyss

It’s not every day that titles as popular as Black Desert Online switch publishers. When they do, however, players are usually required to complete the transition of their accounts without losing anything valuable.

Though BDO has always been published by the developer of the game Pearl Abyss on consoles, it had a different publisher on PC. Kakao Games has been the publisher for the North American and European regions until late 2020. Pearl Abyss has slowly started converting into self-publishing BDO in other regions, and it was finally time for two of the biggest regions to make the switch.

All players from the two regions will need to transfer their accounts before May 31, and here’s how you can do it.

How to transfer your account from Kakao Games in Black Desert Online

  • Head over to the official Game Data Transfer website of BDO
  • Choose “Kakao Games Account”
  • You’ll need to create a Pearl Abyss account, which you will use for logging into BDO after the transfer
  • After creating your Pearl Abyss account, you’ll then need to log in to agree to the transfer
  • Before you agree to the transfer, you’ll be given a brief summary of everything that’ll be moving to your Pearl Abyss account

How to transfer your account from Steam in Black Desert Online

Steam users will have a faster transition period since they’re only required to log in with their Steam credentials. After you log in with Steam, you’ll also need to agree to the transfer.

Go over all the transfer details before agreeing to the terms, and your account will switch publishers after you complete the process.

Though the transition process may sound like a lot of work, the rewards handed to players afterward are more than enough to justify the hassle. Players who successfully transfer their accounts will be rewarded with a tier-four Young Pomi pet, a special title called Now or Nouver, three Weapon Exchange Coupons, and 1,000 Cron Stones.

You can also take a look at the complete list of rewards here