How to spoiler an image on Discord Mobile

Using this helpful feature is easy.

Image via Discord

Discord is a great way to communicate with your friends, whether it’s while playing games or just casually messaging throughout the day. The Discord app allows users to enjoy almost all of the benefits on their mobile devices, allowing them to access servers and messages without being on a computer. 

Sending images and documents on the Discord app is also simple, meaning you can share pictures or other files directly from your phone. Sometimes, however, you might not want the image to be visible by default in a thread or message since it could contain spoilers or other sensitive information. Luckily, you can mark an image as a spoiler through the Discord app just like you can on a computer. 

The first thing you need to do is press the + sign on the left side of the message box, which opens more options for your message. From here, you can select an image to send and it’ll be added to the message. Press the photo attached to your message to bring up another window, which is where you’ll find the check box to mark it as a spoiler. By default, this will blur the image and require others to press it to see the actual image. 

You can send multiple images at once and mark them individually as spoilers if needed. Remember this option the next time you’re sending a message with spoilers to avoid others from seeing sensitive information or content instantly.