How to pre-order Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak DLC on Nintendo Switch and PC

Look forward to tracking down even more monsters in June.

Image via Capcom

The first major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise is on the way, giving players access to new areas, missions, and monsters to take down. Sunbreak marks a new chapter in the expansion of Monster Hunter Rise’s world and will be available to play on June 30.

Pre-orders are now available for Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak DLC on Nintendo Switch and PC. Players will have the option of purchasing the regular version of the expansion for $39.99 or the Deluxe Edition for $49.99, which comes with a plethora of cosmetics players can equip to their hunters, as well as their Palamute and Palico.

Monster Hunter Rise players on Nintendo Switch can pre-order the DLC via the Nintendo eShop, accessible via the shopping bag icon on the Switch’s home screen. It can also be pre-ordered through Nintendo’s official website, which will provide players with a code that they can redeem in the eShop. Online play on Nintendo Switch is only accessible with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 

There is also a Collector’s Edition of the game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch that will be available for physical purchase, though it’s not yet available for pre-order. This will include the Deluxe Edition of the DLC and all of its bonuses, as well as a pin of the Elgado mark, a steelbook, a sticker set, and the Malzeno amiibo.

Players on PC can pre-order Sunbreak via its official page on Steam. There, they’ll see the option for pre-ordering both the standard version of the DLC and Deluxe Edition, as well as lists for what both versions of the expansion contain. The base game is also currently part of the Capcom publisher sale, bringing the price down to $39.59 until March 21.

The world of Monster Hunter Rise expands with the Sunbreak expansion, set to release on both Nintendo Switch and PC on June 30. Players can pre-order the DLC via the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam now to continue their journeys the day the expansion is released.