How to play Co-op in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Why not hop in on the action with a friend?

Screengrab via Nintendo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is finally here and like other recent Kirby games, you can hop in on the action alongside a friend. Now in the 3D realm, Kirby and the Forgotten Land provides a ton of content to explore solo or in co-op mode, which could be the ideal way to play for those looking to get a helping hand.

You can access this feature from very early in the game — here’s how.

How to play Co-op in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Screengrab via Nintendo

Starting co-op play in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is incredibly simple and can be done at almost any point during the game. First, you’ll need to complete the introduction level. After that, here’s what you’ll need to do so you can hop into the action with a friend.

  • Open the game menu
  • Select “Play Co-op”
  • Connect a second controller to your Nintendo Switch or alternatively split the joy-cons
  • Now you’ll notice a second character appear in the game

There is a ton of upside to playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land co-op, but more than anything it’s just fun to explore the new lands with a friend.

If you’re done playing Kirby co-op and want to head back to solo, the process is almost the exact same. All you need to do is open the menu and select play solo. From here you’ll be cued to choose a controller to continue with and then you’re good to go.


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