How to fix Genshin Impact error code 4201

What error dares to stand in your way?

Images via miHoYo

Genshin Impact introduced millions of players to the ‘gacha’ genre. Ever since its release, the action role-playing game has continued to improve upon its successful formula with numerous content patches.

In addition to introducing new content to the game, these patches aim to fix errors and bugs that can cause trouble for the players like the error code 4201. This error prevents players from logging into the game, which can be annoying, especially if you’re short on time.

The error code 4201 is categorized as a network error and it reads “Failed to connect, please check your network settings.” While the error makes it sound like your connection might be to blame, there’s also a decent chance this error might appear due to server instabilities on miHoYo’s end.

Check if Genshin Impact is down

Genshin Impact’s servers have a decent track record, but they can still go down due to planned maintenance or various reasons. When that’s the case, the developers let the fans know through the game’s official Twitter account, making it the first best place to check to see if Genshin’s servers are down.

Your second alternative will be the Downdetector which relies on community feedback to decide if a service’s servers are having trouble or not. You can also check out informative blog posts on where the devs announce upcoming downtimes.

When the servers go down, players will respond faster than the developers, so it can also be a decent idea to check in with the community through hubs, like Reddit. Most players who experience errors are likely to open threads to find out whether there are others like them.

If the servers are down, you won’t need to apply any of the solution methods since you’ll need to wait for them to come back up. If the servers were down unexpectedly, it shouldn’t take that long for them to come back online. If they are down due to planned maintenance, you’ll need to check out miHoYo’s schedule.

Reset your router and gaming device

You’ll need to troubleshoot your home network when you receive the error code 4201 while the servers are up. Resetting your router will be the fastest way to do that, and you can also do the same for your gaming device to cover two bases at the same time.

If you’re on mobile and use mobile data to play Genshin, turn on Airplane mode and turn it off again to reset your connection.

Verify your game files

On rare occasions, the error code 4201 can also appear due to corrupt in-game files.

  • Open the Genshin Impact launcher
  • Click on Settings
  • Choose Game Sources and select Repair Game Files

Upon choosing to repair, the launcher will start scanning your in-game files and replace any corrupted files it finds. When this process ends, try launching Genshin again.

Change your DNS or try an alternative connection

If resetting your router was no help, you can try changing your DNS. Like game servers, DNS servers can also go down and cause players to receive errors. Most players use the default DNS addresses that get assigned by their ISP, and you can try changing it with Google or Open DNS to see if it makes a difference.

If you have the resources available, trying out an alternative connection will be the best way to troubleshoot your current network. Try launching the game while sharing your mobile data with your gaming device instead of using your home network. If you can launch Genshin while being connected to your mobile network, then you should call your ISP to see if they can detect anything wrong with your home network.

Double-check your device’s calendar and time settings

The error code 4201 can also appear after tweaking your device’s calendar and time settings. Ensure your gaming device’s time and date settings are calibrated automatically and revert any changes you may have done previously.