Is Genshin Impact down? Here’s how to check

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The world of Teyvat within Genshin Impact offers players limitless possibilities for gameplay. Players can wander around exploring the world, take on challenging foes, build their teams, design their own realms, craft helpful items, meet unique characters, cook recipes, and so much more.

Genshin Impact is a game to get lost in, so players will understandably be frustrated if their plans are foiled by the game being down and thus unplayable. Luckily, Genshin Impact is rarely down unless it is pre-planned so players can relax knowing their Teyvat adventures probably won’t be interrupted unless exciting new content is on the way.

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How to check if Genshin Impact is down

Genshin Impact rarely is down unless it is for pre-planned maintenance or updates, which miHoYo highlights on its official Twitter page. Anytime there is a big version update, Genshin Impact will be down for a number of hours before players can download and play the update.

Generally, version update maintenance takes about five hours in total but can fluctuate to be more or less depending on how things are going on the developer side of things. While this might seem like a long time to wait, players will receive compensation for the time down, usually generous amounts of precious Primogems, so the temporary inconvenience usually feels worth it due to the nice rewards and addition of new content.

If your version of Genshin Impact seems to be down and no update is planned or mentioned on the Twitter page, you can also try checking a down detector website to determine if it is a problem that is unique to you or if other players are experiencing it as well. You can also report your own problem there to help other players who may be experiencing the same issue.

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Another resource players can check when they are experiencing issues is the official HoYoLAB page. MiHoYo shares all important updates, issues, changes, or other blog posts regarding Genshin Impact directly to this page.

Generally, if you are experiencing an issue with Genshin Impact and there is no planned update or maintenance that has been announced anywhere by miHoYo, then the issue is probably unique to you and something that needs fixing on your end. Try verifying the file integrity or checking your internet status. These are two quick fixes that usually solve the problem.