How to fix Escape from Tarkov Email Verification not sending

Verification emails are also affected by the chip-shortage.

Image via Battlestate Games

Multiplayer games can look like well-oiled machines. Even the best machinery can stumble upon errors and may need maintenance once in a while.

When it comes to Escape from Tarkov, the number of active players usually spike up and cause the servers to struggle. With servers failing to keep up with the demand, players can start running into errors that may prevent them from logging into Tarkov.

If you’re just trying to sign up for the first time or verifying your login, not getting the verification email is a known error that usually appears whenever there’s a huge content patch that attracts more players to the game.

Considering players can’t get into the game without the verification code, the error can quickly become a bother. While only Battlestate Games (BSG) will be able to fix this error in most cases, there are a few troubleshooting methods that players can try out to receive the verification email in Tarkov potentially.

Change your password on the official website

If you can’t seem to receive the verification email in Tarkov, exit out of the launcher and navigate to the game’s official website. Login with your details and change your password through your account settings.

After setting a new password for your account, open the launcher again and log in with your new password. Even if the code doesn’t arrive immediately after your try to log in, wait a few minutes since it gets sent out with a delay in most cases.

White list all emails from BSG

Email providers work hard on their filters to make sure their users don’t get bombarded with spam emails. There can be outliers, however, and emails from BSG can sometimes be flagged as false positives, which can cause them to end up in the spam folder or even be blocked at times.

Go into your account settings for your email provider and make sure that emails from BSG are whitelisted. Once you allow BSG as a sender, all the future emails from the developer should end up in your inbox.

Run the BSG Launcher directly from its installation folder

Using shortcuts generally works without any hiccups, but they can also cause unexpected errors at items. Locate the installation folder of your BSG launcher. Right-click on it and run it as an administrator from the launcher folder.

Reinstall the BSG Launcher

If running the BSG launcher from its installation folder as an administrator doesn’t help, you can try reinstalling it.

Reinstalling will make sure that there aren’t any corrupted files in your installation folder. You won’t need to reinstall Tarkov for this since you can pick the folder where your game files are located, and the launcher will initiate a file-integrity check to make sure everything is in good shape. If the launcher detects anything off during the integrity check, it can automatically start downloading files and replace the corrupted files before you can log into the game.

Change the compatibility mode of the launcher

Right-click on the BSG Launcher and choose Properties. Navigate to the compatibility tab. Choose the Windows 8 compatibility mode for the BSG launcher and run it in compatibility mode.

Try logging in with your details on the compatibility mode and check your email’s spam folder. If changing the compatibility mode of the launchers doesn’t let you receive the verification email, revert the changes since running the launcher on compatibility mode can also cause other bugs.

Try logging in until you get the verification mail

Considering this error usually shows up whenever the servers are overloaded with players, there’s a chance that you can brute-force your way in by continuously trying to log in.

If you don’t receive the verification email in five minutes, back out from the login process and try logging in once again. While this method is a hit or miss in most cases, you may receive all the verification codes that were stuck after a while, so don’t be surprised to see dozens of unread emails in your inbox.

Wait the error out

The verification emails usually get stuck when too many players are asking for them. Waiting out until the servers can sort out the demand or BSG rolls out a fix can often be the less stressful path. If the error is back due to a server-related problem, then trying out the fixes above will only allow you to test your luck. You’ll only be able to log back into the game without running into any errors when the servers are running fine again.

If you struggle with verification errors often, even when the servers are running just fine, then it may be a decent idea to contact Tarkov’s support team

The support staff will be able to conduct more extensive research on why you may be experiencing the verification code error and can advise you with additional fixes. Try to include as many details as possible while submitting your ticket, and know that the reply times can depend on the time of the year.