How to fix Error 500 ‘Internal Server Error’ on Discord

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Image via Discord

Similar to online games, Discord has its own servers that allow everything to run smoothly. When Discord’s servers go down, though, players may get kicked out of voice channels and servers or may become unable to join them in the first place.

The Error 500 “Internal Server Error” usually appears whenever Discord’s servers go down. Servers can go offline due to planned maintenance or surges in the number of online users. 

If you just received the Error 500 “Internal Server Error” in Discord, you should check out its server status before trying any fixes. Down Detector is usually a decent place to start since it allows community members to report issues almost instantly. Discord Status is another great alternative and it can detect anything from API outages to server maintenance almost instantly.

While the chance of you running into the Error 500 “Internal Server Error” will be relatively low when Discord’s servers are up and running, you can try the following fixes to troubleshoot your home network.

How to fix the Error 500 “Internal Server Error” on Discord if the servers are up

  • Restart your router.
  • Restart your device.
  • Try out an alternative connection, like your phone’s cellular data.
  • Try out an alternative device.
  • Submit a support ticket to Discord.