Is Discord down? How to check Discord server status during server outages

You can find the answer in just a few clicks.

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When Discord goes down or experiences widespread server outages, its users tend to notice quickly because most of the platform’s services will be completely unavailable.

You might still be able to access some of your Discord servers if you manage to sign in during an outage, but others will likely show an error message after failing to connect or may experience trouble connecting and sending messages.

The main issue for many of these larger outages aren’t always made public, but they always cause a problem for people who can’t get into their servers and talk to friends, co-workers, and other people that they need to communicate with. 

So if you’re experiencing any of the negative effects of the on-and-off server outages, here’s how you can check Discord’s server status.

Discord has a dedicated page to list all server outages and errors that the developers are working on fixing as they’re pointed out or discovered. The status page will display all of the ongoing errors under the “Server Outages and Increased API Errors” tab, with previous reports and fixes at the bottom of the page. 

You can view if the outage you’re experiencing is due to an actual problem or just Discord staff working on fixing some other issues. Discord is also very proactive about telling users about server maintenance schedules and if the staff find any problems that are causing outages on the service’s official Twitter.


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