How to explore Underwater Labs in Rust?

"Time to test the waters."

Screengrab via Facepunch

Rust‘s content patch brought Underwater Labs to the survival game, giving players a good reason to go underwater. While open waters have always been a part of the survival game, Underwater Labs contain decent loot, the promise of adventure, and an excuse to test your sea legs.

Players face a long battle against NPCs to take over a Lab: the bases are large and there are more NPCs than you can kill in a single go. Luckily, you’ll have time to take breaks in between fights in areas without any NPCs. Use these opportunities to cook food and replenish so you aren’t at a disadvantage when you continue on with your journey.

Conquering an Underwater Lab will require some time and planning. If you have good gear, however, finding a way to get there may be the most challenging part. Using a submarine is the easiest way to reach an Underwater Lab, but that may not be an option for all players, especially if the size of their squad poses a limitation.

You don’t need all the pomp and circumstance of a submarine to explore a lab, however. Scuba gear is the most cost-efficient way to prepare for an underwater journey. You can run into scuba gear in loot and red crates, and some NPCs may also sell it on your server. The location of these NPCs will depend on your favorite server since admins can change their positions.

Once you get everything you need to make the trip, you’ll need to settle on which lab to explore. Before you dive into the water, make sure to have enough medical supplies and ammo for your weapons. It can also be a decent idea to pack a close-range weapon in case of emergencies. The rest will depend on your Rust skills, but be ready to put them to the test, since you’ll need to conquer every room in the lab to claim all the loot inside.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your adventure, collect every color of keycard before making your way down to the Labs. The extra effort can make the trip well worth the investment.

Players who’d like to prepare ahead of their mission to the Labs can take a look at video guides on YouTube that showcase Underwater Lab runs. Knowing what you’re about to walk into will be especially helpful for players who aren’t looking to stay underwater for too long.