How to change camera view in No Man’s Sky

Here's everything you need to know.

Image via Hello Games

There is a lot of exploration in No Man’s Sky. Players visit faraway planets, collect resources, and build colonies. While No Man’s Sky has a sci-fi premise, it’s immersive nonetheless.

While the game is immersive, it begins from a third-person perspective, which is not appealing to many players. Luckily, the game does not force you to stay in third-person mode. Players may switch between the character’s perspective and the perspective of their ship at any time.

How to switch between third-person view and first-person view in No Man’s Sky

To change the view, press Down on your D-Pad (Xbox and PlayStation) or the X key (PC) to open up a settings-type menu. From there, navigate to the gear icon named Utilities. From there, go to Toggle Camera View, and you can switch back and forth between first-person and third-person camera views.

Apart from immersion, switching to a first-person view has a few benefits. In first-person, the view is generally considered to be better since the character is not in the way, and you can focus on each item you’re looking at. We recommend a first-person view to see the world’s sights or improve your aim.

With a third-person view, players have a wider field of view, and it is rare for something to sneak up behind them. You are exposed to everything you cannot see directly in front of you when you are in first-person view. Many players have also reported feeling sick after using the first-person view for too long.

How to change vehicle camera view in No Man’s Sky

Changing the view on your vehicles is similar to your character. Press the X key (PC) or Down on your D-Pad (PlayStation and Xbox) to open up a settings-type menu. Next, navigate to the gear icon named Utilities and move to a setting called Switch (vehicle name’s) View.

This will enable you to switch between third-person and first-person piloting. Unlike above, we recommend staying in the third-person view if you are new to piloting in No Man’s Sky. It is much more difficult to pilot from a first-person view than a third-person one.

It is impossible to see the entire battlefield quickly and easily in the first-person view. During a dogfight, it’s difficult to tell where shots came from, which makes it easier for your enemy to outmaneuver you. For a realistic challenge, the first-person view is the best choice but try and learn how to fly before jumping into the first-person view.

Players can search planets more easily in third-person view because of the wider view and can see what’s happening around them more easily. As you fly through space, you can also see the upgrades you’ve earned for your ship, making progress feel more authentic. The only downside to third person is that it’s not as immersive because it’s difficult to match piloting through the galaxy inside a starfighter cockpit.

No Man’s Sky‘s field of view is best handled by switching them whenever the situation calls for it or when you prefer one view over another. The ease with which players can switch camera views is perfect for those who don’t want to choose between the two.